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  • Elevating the SAP Financials Ecosystem


    Year after year, those in attendance have raved about the content at our conferences. Using ideas, topics, and pain points identified in our research process, Eventful Conferences is excited to bring the latest content to the SAP financials community. Don’t miss all of these high-level topics discussed in detail, only at SAP-Centric Financials 2018.

    Download the research report below to discover the full list of all 10 Hot Topics – these five are just the beginning!  – and an in depth look at what Financial professionals say are their biggest pain points, challenges and ideas for improvement. See where you stack up to your industry colleagues and find out how to successfully transform your organisation to meet the challenges of the digital age.

  • Practice Makes Perfect and We’ve Practiced A Lot


    Eventful Conferences has dedicated the past three months to conducting extensive customer-centric research through face-to-face discussions with 100+ individuals comprising over 50 organizations utilizing SAP. Our research sessions consisted of representatives from a wide range of sectors with a multitude of financial disciplines.

    We asked financial professionals through both round table discussions and one-on-one conversations about the day-to-day challenges that they are faced with and their thoughts on the most pertinent issues facing finance departments. Using the intricacies of these round tables, we have assembled a research report containing the pain points identified by you and your peers.

    Using our resources, we’ve invested time, research and coordination into the development of these pain points into practical pieces of useful content for you to discover at SAP-Centric Financials.


  • A Platform where Thought Leaders, Users and Experts Share Insights and Experiences



    “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie


    This community of people is motivated by working through complex challenges, and as a single team behind one common goal, there has always been valuable takeaways for people in attendance at SAP-Centric Financials. You can expect to network with people that are looking to learn new things and share their experiences.

    A few industries in attendance last year:

    • Retail
    • Technology
    • Education
    • Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecom
    • Oil and Gas
    Popular job titles in attendance:

    • Finance Director
    • Direct of Systems Architecture
    • Finance Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Solution Architect
    • Financial Controllers

  • The 2017 numbers speak for themselves

    Speakers Representing Fortune 500 Companies
    Hours of Meaningful Content
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    World Class Speakers

Download the research report