JUST ANNOUNCED: SAP Finance Feedback Forum

The SAP Finance Feedback Forum offers conference attendees exclusive access into what’s coming next from SAP’s finance portfolio, and the opportunity to provide feedback and shape their strategy.

A unique opportunity exclusive to SAP-Centric Financials!

The SAP Finance Feedback Forum will offer conference attendees a number of sessions, on topics where SAP is currently designing new solutions or significant product enhancements. The purpose of the Feedback Forum is to allow SAP to share those plans with its customers and partners, engage in a constructive dialogue, and harness vital end user feedback that will be critical for SAP to validate and reshape ideas. This is your chance to help shape the future of SAP’s finance solutions. Only at SAP-Centric Financials!

  • Located right on the show floor
  • 8 unique feedback sessions over 2 days
  • Featuring speakers direct from SAP’s Finance Development Team
  • Gain insights into new solutions and software enhancements
  • Share YOUR feedback to ensure future enhancements meet your organization’s needs

Session info:

Cloud Extensions for SAP S/4HANA Finance to Automate Processes in Payment and Receivables Management (Feb 21, 11:10 AM & Feb 22 2:40 PM)

Led by: Martin von der Emde

In this session we will give you a brief overview of the Financial Operations Cloud Extensions for SAP S/4HANA Finance that offer new possibilities in the operational Financials area.

  • We would like to collect your feedback concerning the following solutions:
  • SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud for Customer Payments provides a self-service offering to enable our customers to deploy electronic bill presentment and payment processes as part of their digital business strategy to improve customer collaboration and reduce repetitive calls into the back office.
  • SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud for Credit Integration helps customers to connect to the world’s leading credit bureaus. Accessible with a single click from existing credit management processes, full credit reports are available in your dedicated library, while key metrics drive the rating processes.
  • In addition there is the new “SAP digital payments add on” on our future roadmap. All of these cloud extensions share an innovative hybrid architecture, leveraging the benefits of the cloud.

Typical benefits are

  • Rapid deployment of new capabilities
  • Seamless integration to existing system landscapes
  • Easy implementation, easy subscription and continuous delivery of innovation

Transition to the Treasury Cloud and Optimizing Cash Management
(Feb 21, 12:05 PM & Feb 22, 1:45)

Led by: Wiliam Cao

Discover how the SAP HANA platform and the SAP Cloud portfolio can transform your treasury function. Learn how S/4 HANA Finance provides new opportunities for Treasurers to benefit from the new simplified data model. This session focuses on how you can enhance business operations and streamline processes to help treasurers succeed in an increasingly strategic role, and give us your view of priorities on them.

During this session we would like to get your feedback about the enhancements and ideas in the area of:

  • SAP Cash Management on Cloud
  • Cash Flow Statement (direct method)
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Bank Relationship Management: fees, bank risk,
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management Cloud
  • Roadmap

Financial Compliance with GRC Access Governance Solutions
(Feb 21, 2:00 PM & Feb 22 11:55 AM)

Led by: Sarma Adithe

Attend this session to learn about SAP Identity Access Governance solutions that can help automate compliance processes and reduce risk within your financial system. SAP provides cloud and on-premise solutions that are designed to natively integrate with your financial system for risk analysis, user provisioning, emergency access management, role management and audit reporting.

This session will include a case study and demo of the new SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance solution.

We would like to obtain your feedback regarding future enhancements of our solution portfolio.

Experience the Portfolio of Financial HCP Application by Enhancing the Digital Core
(Feb 21, 2:55 PM & Feb 22, 11:00 AM)

Led by: Mathias Poehling

In this Feedback Forum session, we will give a brief overview of the existing and planned Financial HCP Applications. Beside that we will also touch on the agile development and the continuous delivery mode we use.

  • We would like to collect your feedback concerning the following existing applications and planned projects:
  • Application: SAP RealSpend, enables you to proactively manage spending proactively, to get the maximum out of your given budget
  • Project: Cost Origination Analysis, provides the user full traceability of indirect costs, cost type, cost centers they derive, how the allocation happened and which primary costs they are based on
  • Project: Profit Center Explorer, is bringing the classic transaction GR55 into the new world of cloud, to learn every useful detail about your profit center
  • Project: Digitalized strategy, enables customers to close the gap between a real-time data-, big data-, machine learning-, IOT-enterprise on the one side and a manual paper focused strategy process
  • At the end of the session we will give you the option to vote on the products & projects and describe how you can get engaged with our team to influence the development.