Our Research: The Financials Solutions Ecosystem

We live in a world where big data is constantly being collected from sources all around us. But do organizations really know how to find and harness the information that matters most? Finance teams and professionals have the skills to discover strategic insights within a company’s data that can help drive better decision-making and positive business outcomes.

Now more than ever, finance and analytics teams must work together with their IT colleagues to build shared technology systems that will lead companies to the knowledge they need for a sustainable competitive advantage. To help build these connections, we are co-locating the 2019 SAP-Centric Financials conference with the BI+Analytics conference, providing even more value to your entire financial and analytics teams.

To prepare for the 2019 event, Eventful Conferences—part of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG)—conducted extensive research with industry stakeholders to develop the SAP-Centric Financials Conference. Throughout this process, we spoke with 100+ individuals from a variety of organizations during customer focus groups and one-on-one conversations. To balance our customer research, we also spoke with stakeholders from partner companies and SAP to hear their perspectives.

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