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Eventful Conferences has spent 20 years building professional learning communities for organizations using SAP across industries and lines of business. We have applied our tried, tested and celebrated model to SAP-Centric Financials to bring in the best content for our customers.

Eventful Conferences has dedicated the past three months to conducting extensive customer-centric research through face-to-face discussions with 100+ individuals comprising over 50 organizations utilizing SAP. Our research sessions consisted of representatives from a wide range of sectors including retail, technology, education, services, manufacturing, telecom and oil and gas.

Benchmark your organization’s pains and challenges by checking out the topics numbered below for the top five high-level themes we uncovered during our research.  Be sure to download the complete report (fill out the form to the right) for the full, in-depth findings on all topics including:

  • Enhancing the User Experience
  • Revenue Recognition and Lease Management
  • Financial Master Data Management
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Organizational Culture & Change Management
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  • S/4HANA Finance

    Organizations are looking to embrace the digital age and harness the power of technology to maximize operational performance. S/4HANA Finance has already been widely adopted and is showing strong benefits. It is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, make decisions and ultimately, is shaping finance into a strategic part of the business. Those organizations not running S/4 HANA Finance know that the deadline to move is fast approaching and need to take steps to prepare for the transition.

  • Financial Close

    Organizations expect financial close to run smoothly and the smallest change can drastically complicate the delicate process. This isn’t news to anyone but as businesses grow and evolve to meet new opportunities, the same old ways of doing business aren’t enough - and financial professionals know it. Finance executives seek to learn and develop a close process that is more agile.

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

    The financial position of an organization must be accessible on demand. Accurate, timely reporting and business intelligence capabilities enable the ability to view the current financial position, and in turn, drive informed decisions. Finance departments would like to create reports that are both best suited for their business needs and still relevant to the current market conditions.

  • Integrated Business Processes

    Shared services have become a proven optimization strategy for cost, quality and risk. It has allowed organizations to make decisions based on the viewpoint of the entire organization. Despite the proven success, it is very hard to orchestrate the co-ownership of technology and processes between IT and business. Organizations want to hear best practices on bridging the gap to achieve open communication and a collaborative work environment.

  • Digital Innovations In Finance

    The rapidly changing technological environment is forcing financial departments to rework their infrastructure. The continual evolution of connectivity within businesses is making the day-to-day activities more automated, and giving employees greater opportunity to be strategic. Finance departments are being expected to provide profitable information at a quicker pace than ever before. Customers are keen to hear SAP’s solutions on the following to help simplify this digital shift


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