2018 Conference Recap & Wrap-up!

The 2018 SAP-Centric Financials Conference was a marvelous event that took place in booming Plano, TX. It was exciting to host over 300 individuals that were experiencing and exploring SAP Finance solutions. Our keynotes rocked the stage and the event space was buzzing with people excited to take in all sorts of learnings whether it be sponsor solutions, case studies from customers like Toyota or Honeywell, or simple one off conversations during lunch. It’s safe to say that this event was one that will set the tone for this community for years to come.

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LIVE! 2018 SAP Feedback Forum Featuring Product Developers

In addition to our S/4HANA hands-on experience, top-notch speakers, and a sold out exhibition floor we are bringing back the popular SAP Feedback Forum. Ever wanted to change a feature, add functionality, or see a major opportunity lost? Don’t miss your chance to shape the future of SAP’s finance software and hardware by speaking directly with people working under the hood.Continue reading

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The Road to SAP-Centric Financials

Year after year, those in attendance have raved about the content at our conferences. Using ideas, topics, and pain points identified in our research process, Eventful Conferences is excited to bring the latest content to the SAP financials community. Don’t miss all of these high-level topics discussed in detail, only at SAP-Centric Financials 2018.Continue reading

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How To Reconcile Supplier Statements

blogWhy we reconcile vendor statements was discussed in my previous article. While the benefits may be appealing, it can be an onerous task to match thousands of supplier invoices and other documents every month. Manual matching of statements may involve much printing and ticking, or system downloads and manipulation to produce many disparate Excel spreadsheets.

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Why Reconcile Vendor Statements?

imagesVendor payments account for the largest cash outflow in most organizations.  One of the best ways for accounts payable managers to sleep easily at night is reconciliation of vendor statements. While the benefits are numerous and discussed below, this task is often overlooked as it can be time consuming and tedious. An effective process for reconciling vendors must therefore be used.

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Payment Choices & Hidden Implications for Working Capital


Welcome to the SAP-Centric Financials blog! As we embark on launching our inaugural program next February, we’re excited to also launch our blog series, featuring a number of industry thought leaders offering insight and advice on some of today’s most pressing finance topics.

Have you considered the type of payment received and subsequent cash application process could either increase or decrease your DSO? How is this possible?

Historically, checks were used so companies to increase float by several days due to mail processing time. Checks continue to be used for practical reasons often due to remittance limitations on electronic formats. ACH, wires, and credit card payments all have their own remittance nuances. The classical banking system was optimized for a system that utilized checks heavily.  Its transformation to electronic payment formats is underway.

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